English Independence.org

A political statement of my love for my country, my Queen and St George!

For the record, this site will not tolerate racism or any intemperate attitudes - BNP or other white supremacists need not apply!  Any forums or comment space on this site will be moderated and inflammatory content will be removed.

Why is it that the English, have for so long put up with certain hostile powers, who continuously carp on about the English, whilst demanding extra liberties and happily spending our money.  As an Englishman I expect ‘One Man One Vote’, so how come the devolved nations have one vote for their local parliament and one for Westminster?

Why is it that someone who is Welsh, Scottish or Irish can celebrate their saint’s day, whilst an Englishman who does the same is called Jingoistic!

I find it incredible that these hostile powers keep on about Independence and the break-up of the Union, whist we English don’t say to them - you want it, you’ve got it!  I neither want nor need the Scott’s or the Welsh.  The Northern Irish are a slightly different matter, as from my experience, if they are not republicans, then they are more interested in union with England than the UK.

While this site is more about the Country of England than any individual citizen, I must say that I don’t care what your race creed or colour is, you may call your self an English Muslim, or an Englishman of West Indian extraction, you can even have the surname of McScottish, this is all unimportant.  What is important, is the mental attitude that you are English.   The exact opposite scenario really annoys me - I know a guy who’s mother is English and his father is Scottish, He was born near Brighton and has never lived further north that Horsham, yet he insists on calling himself Scottish - Frankly, if he thinks Scotland is so great why doesn’t he go and live there?

I will not labour under the false attitude that England is still the greatest power in the world, or bemoan that other countries have superceded us, I will however stress that the means to regaining that status is in our hands, and obviously people, who’s loyalty is, primarily, to another country are unlikely to help us achieve this.

Only the English can or will make England Great!